Luxury vinyl flooring: the popular choice

Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a product that offers so value than luxury vinyl flooring for the decorating dollar. From high-end style with images inspired by nature and waterproof capabilities, and a multitude of functional properties, we're now seeing this in every room in the house. Continue reading to know why this may be the choice for you.

What does waterproof mean?

We want you to understand what you're getting. When something is waterproof, it is utterly impervious to liquid, and it is made of waterproof materials; there are no special coatings. But, as a result, it's often, such as in this case, impervious from bottom to top, meaning that it can be submerged or spilled on. This isn't the same as water-resistant when a product repels water for a short time but eventually breaks through the barrier to the core where it stains and ripples.

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So many benefits

Style includes true-to-life images of wood, stone, and tile taken digitally and available in a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and designs. Micro beveling and embossing add depth, dimension, and textured looks, such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, and distressed. Many ask if they can get the latest trends, such as gray wood or marble look floors or encaustic-style tile patterns. Our answer is yes because this follows all the trends.

If you want wood, go with vinyl plank flooring. Sometimes referred to as LVP, the vinyl is cut into strips and mounted on boards to mimic hardwood. However, if your taste leans more toward stone and tile, know the material can also be cut into groutable squares, called LVT flooring.

This product is so realistic sometimes even the flooring experts can't tell the difference, but your wallet will know because you won't pay nearly the same price as you would for genuine materials. It is durable, five times thicker than original sheet vinyl, and has a thick top wear layer that protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. Actual luxury vinyl should measure at least 8-mm; wear layers are separate, and the best measurement is 20-mils.

It's easy to care for with a regular (daily, if possible) sweeping and periodic mopping. Be sure to use a manufacturer-approved cleaner and avoid waxy, shine-promoting substances as they can damage the finish and dull the floor. Installation is also easy, especially when it's a floating floor, click, mat, and hover.

Who says luxury needs to be expensive or pricey? For information about luxury vinyl flooring or our other products, come into the Town Country Carpets showroom in Pelham, GA, especially if you live or work in or near Pelham, GA, Cotton, GA, Meigs, GA, Camilla, GA, Hinsonton, GA, Sale City, GA, Hartsfield, GA or Branchville, GA. Ask about our free quotes.